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老虎机网站龙8的网址It won’t be long before success is measured by how well an industry or community system applies digital innovation. This eBook delivers expert perspectives on how leaders are using advanced communications to fast-track their connected future and capture the value of 5G & IoT innovation in our communities, across highways and mobility systems, in our workforces, and on our electric grid.

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Micro-Consulting at Your Fingertips

Make informed decisions faster that ever before. Experts on Demand micro-consulting services offer targeted insights in short bursts from our global network of professionals without requiring contract or long-term consulting engagement.

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Working in New Ways

COVID-19 Support

We're embracing new ways to work and innovate, focusing on safety and health, business continuity and adapting how we support our clients and the industries we serve.

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Rapid Modular Health System

Black & Veatch’s Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS) is a rapid deployment, modular medical structure that expands site-based diagnostic capabilities at healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, commercial and industrial facilities, manufacturing centers and office locations to minimize the risk of coronavirus exposure to critical health-care workers, professionals and the community. 

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Utilities Increasingly Rely on Planning, Forecasting to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts

老虎机网站龙8的网址Climate change and the resulting fluctuations in weather events are changing the game for utilities as increasing numbers of devastating floods, droughts, snowpack changes and ferocious wildfires alter our assumptions about water security and supply. The climate change picture is bleak.

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The Conundrum of Water Affordability: What Is It, And What’s at Stake?

For decades, talk of water has rested on philosophical premises, ranging from arguments that it’s a human right to insistences that it’s a property right or even a commodity. Regardless of the philosophical posture, potable water is anything but free.

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